Kame Hamee Haaaaaa! Who hasn't tried to use Son Goku's super attack? I definitely have! I spent countless hours of my childhood watching anime on RTL 2. It almost feels like a Japanese character has been sleeping inside me for ages.

Once in the background, Japan now accompanies me as an incredible source of energy and inspiration in my everyday life. The more I learn about this fascinating country, the more it captivates me—whether through its history, nature, or numerous philosophies.

Even before I had any idea how to get to Japan, I called the adventure "One Piece," inspired by the famous anime. In simple terms, in a made-up world, pirate crews search for the legendary treasure "One Piece" of Pirate King Gol D. Roger. On their quest, they experience adventure after adventure and face difficult, often unsolvable challenges. Isn't it the same for us humans? We seek a treasure—be it the meaning of life or a purpose—and must go through challenging phases to ultimately reach our supposed goal. With this image in mind, I named everything related to this adventure, even my savings account carries the Japanese name "Wanpiisu."

For those who have already visited Japan, it's clear that English doesn't get you very far. That's why, in the summer of 2020, I started learning Japanese on my own. The desire to live in Japan for a longer time kept growing within me.

It might seem strange to feel such an attraction even though you've never been to such a country. But what matters is that it fits for you in the here and now, and you can be happy with it.