Luckily, the little, optimistic, and brave Patrick from the past is still inside me. The quality of always standing out is something I haven't lost over the years. Back then, I was mostly known as a troublemaker and class clown in school, but today, I have grown into an inspiring and strong personality, serving as a role model for many. Now, I move forward each day, enjoying the beautiful moments gifted to us and encouraging people to become the best version of themselves.


The goal of becoming a professional football player was a way of life for me. This taught me what it means to have discipline and set the right priorities. Motivated to achieve more in life, I took the step into financial sales in 2017. Criticism poured in from all sides, and doubts surrounded my decision. But when I set my mind to something, the whole world can stand against me - I don't care, and I don't give up. With full enthusiasm, I began my new career and was passionate about it. Like everywhere, there were ups and downs, but I stayed on course and didn't give up. Despite working hard every day for luxuries like cars, branded clothes, and recognition, the expected happiness did not come.

I began to question things and reflect on my behavior. What truly made me happy? The answer was always in front of my eyes: sports, helping people, and exploring the world. Days, weeks, and months passed as I used these sources of motivation to deliver good results, but I no longer felt comfortable playing an imposed role in this world. Over time, my goals became clearer and stronger. The desire to move into the vast, free world grew stronger. Taking the step into sales was perhaps one of the best decisions of my life because that's where I truly got to know myself, and it acted as a guide in the right direction of life.

Now, the question arose: how would I travel? Since I had once cycled across Switzerland with the school, it seemed the best method for me to explore the world, experiencing something new and facing a challenge. Quick disclaimer: I don't own a bike, and I'm not someone who often rode bikes. But that's not an obstacle for me.

With the idea in mind, I decided to exit sales and sought a new job as a bridge period to save some money before setting off on my cycling adventure.


A significant turning point in my life was when I received the Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in November 2019. Exactly one year after I started this fascinating martial art. This moment gave me the power and motivation to train even more. I enjoyed helping new members and sharing my knowledge with them, which deep down in my subconscious, sparked the desire to maybe open a school someday to pass on this life philosophy.

Even as a child, with a natural inclination to help, the thought of giving back to those in need, animals, and nature never leaves me.

Through all my actions, I want to inspire people from all around the world to come out of themselves and be courageous in life, to explore new paths. No fear of failure and always rediscovering themselves. If I didn't go through all of this myself, how could I progress as a role model for others?

No one knows what and when the future will bring. But that's the beautiful part of it. Unexpected things happen, opening new doors to adventures that one could never have dreamed of in life. Whether I'll eventually open my school is uncertain. However, the daily work on myself and my priorities alone will shape the future into what I desire most sensibly.